the deception of the clock tower


Hello everyone,

I know you probably did not expect me to post two blogs in two days, but hereby all your prayers have been answered :-p

Last Sunday, Stefanie and I went to Kawagoe. This is a small place or district which is known for its old buildings and very special clock...

Japan's Photographers

Know the difference


Hello all,

Since I have received incentive from multiple people, I thought it was time to post another blog. This time not so much about the touristy stuff we did, but more on our fellow tourists.

A lot of people in Europe think that the people attacking big European cities with their...

Bake Neko

The supernatural cat festival



There are plenty things to do in Tokyo, but it is sometimes difficult to find them due to the language difference. Last weekends were a weekend like most so far here in Tokyo. We spend the Friday night at the BBQ fish restaurant, drinking some beers and chatting about the...